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On the play in question, Ervin

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On the play in question, Ervin is lined up in the backfield beside Jurich while junior defensive back Josh Holsey is lined up opposite an outside receiver. On the snap, Ervin sprinted up field and momentarily motioned like he was going to throw a screen block before continuing up field, hardly breaking stride while passing Holsey in the process. With Holsey beat by several steps, Jurich released the ball and hit Ervin down the visiting sideline as Auburn boundary safety Derrick Moncrief is late covering over the top because he had opted to cover another receiver over the middle of the field.

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But China, his research shows, is a different story. “China’s rise is really a kind of a world historical event,” Autor says. “This is the largest country in the world. Essentially, this model delineates four dimensions in society within which multi layered factors that impact on housing outcomes are located. These factors have been synthesized from an extensive review of both the theoretical and research literature on homelessness. The multidimensional nature of this model not only underscores the fact that multiple aspects of disadvantage determines vulnerability to homelessness but also draws our attention to the possibility of using these factors as leverage points in the fight against episodic homelessness.